Grief & Loss

It is normal to feel sad and indeed to experience every possible human emotion when you lose someone close to you, or you may have lost a pet who was a faithful companion; this usually becomes easier to deal with, over time.

However, losing someone can also be extremely traumatising, especially so if there was some ‘unfinished business’ between you.

You might feel guilty in some way, or angry that you never got your chance to put the record straight, get your apology, or say goodbye?

Someone else may have ‘caused’, or contributed to, your loss and you may be consumed with anger or resentment towards them. See Emotional trauma.

If you feel that your bereavement is not beginning to ease after a few months and that you are still plagued with difficult emotions, I can help you to move forward.

My treatment is very gentle, fast and hugely effective.
That is why I can guarantee my results!
It does not involve you having to be re-traumatised all over again!

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