Animals suffer with trauma issues too.

They can become very anxious and upset and can suffer with fears, worries, phobias, grief, loss and depression, the same as any human.

Again, the same as humans, they can also suffer with emotionally related physical problems, which often tend not to respond to more conventional treatments.

They also suffer with conflicting, or opposing emotions, which can cause serious problems with their health or behaviour. See Emotional trauma.

The gentle, fast and effective technique I use, works very well with animals.

I often use a combination of hands on, or hands off, healing which animals find very relaxing and sometimes sends them off to sleep!

The tapping comes in to help clear specific worries or beliefs they may have which may be causing them, and in turn you, problems.

I usually tap surrogately, on myself, for the animal. This works very well and means that I can treat animals without having to touch them, and helps when treating them remotely. This helps to lessen their stress, especially if they are wild animals and are not used to being handled.

Before I can treat your animal, you will need to get permission from your vet.
My treatment is non-invasive and involves the use of subtle energies.
I have never known a vet to refuse, but if they would like to obtain further information I am more than happy to discuss it with them.

I ask the animal’s keeper for as much information as they can give me about the problem, but I often get images or pick up emotions from the animal itself as well.

I usually try to visit the animal in its own home, as this is less stressful for it than having to travel to see me.
However, sometimes this may not be possible due to time or distance, so I often can also work remotely on the animal, from a distance. Or I can have a phone session with you, for the animal.

I love treating animals, especially as they have no knowledge of the ‘placebo effect’, they don’t know if they are supposed to feel any better or not.
So the change in their demeanour is all the more proof that my techniques work!

My treatment is very gentle, fast and hugely effective.
That is why I can guarantee my results!

Please note that most of my animal sessions are held remotely, with the aid of a photograph.

Remote sessions are also covered with the money back guarantee, as they are set at a given appointment time, which helps to enable you to judge the difference afterwards in their demeanour, behaviour or their physical condition.

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