The trauma of being bullied can be very long lasting. It may have happened many years ago as a child, or more recently as an adult.

Bullying causes serious damage to our self-esteem and confidence.
Some victims of bullying actually find themselves turning into bullies, to help them regain some sense of power and control over their lives.

Other people who have suffered at the hands of bullies can feel stripped of all their confidence and self worth, and may often find themselves being bullied over and over again.

Bullying can instil feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness and can lead to illnesses like depression and anxiety. See Emotional trauma.

Life really doesn’t need to stay like this.

My treatment is very gentle, fast and hugely effective.
That is why I can guarantee my results!
It can restore your confidence, or even help you to feel confident, possibly for the first time ever!
It does not involve you having to be re-traumatised all over again!

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