When you've tried everything,


and nothing else has worked...




If you, or your animal, have finally had enough of unpleasant memories, flashbacks, difficulties with relationships, feeling angry, sad, scared, or numb, suffer with panic attacks or phobias, you've come to the right place


  • I can assist you in gently and effectively removing the issues which are causing you concern, and support the change to your new easier and happier life



  • You can trust me to deliver, my results are guaranteed, No Change = No Charge



  • I use gentle, fast but exceptionally effective techniques, coupled with over 40 years experience in healthcare



  • Sessions are confidential but even if you don’t want to disclose any details, that’s perfectly OK, as my treatments can still work.



  • Please have a wander around the site and then Contact me to discuss how I can best support you.




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