About Treatment

What types of treatment are used?

One of the main tools I use is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is at the leading edge of therapeutic treatments, and can help most physical and emotional issues with astounding speed and gentleness.

It is a green, eco-friendly and natural treatment, in which no drugs, chemicals or physical manipulation is used.

You will not be expected to put any effort into changing your attitude. Neither will you need to remember complex strategies on how to cope with different situations. After treatment, things which you previously found difficult, will naturally feel much easier to do.

Unlike many other therapies, you will not be expected to complete difficult tasks as part of your treatment. Activities, such as being asked to go out into a crowded areas and collect lists of stranger's names, when you have issues with crowds or confidence, are completely unnecessary with this type of treatment.

It is easy and very gentle. I have no wish, or need, to add to your stress!

EFT has often been described as a cousin of acupuncture, without the needles, or sometimes it is referred to as energy psychology.

It involves the tapping of special meridian, or acupressure, points on the body (mostly on the face and hands) at the same time as thinking about a relevant emotion. This helps to clear away unwanted thought patterns, which can have a variety of causes, see Emotional trauma.

I usually tap along with my clients, on myself, so that they can see where to tap and also to help prevent them feeling self-conscious.

You do not have to be physically touched by me during the session. Some clients can be upset by physical touch, and it is not necessary in order for the therapy to be effective.

More and more Scientists, Doctors and Vets are beginning to understand that many physical ailments can have an emotional basis, and that emotional blocks can prevent our bodies from returning to their natural state of self-healing capability. This is why EFT can help with both emotional and physical issues.

Natural healing energies can also be incorporated, which can often help to speed up the healing process and make it even more effective.

By combining new and ground breaking techniques with more ancient, effective and well-established methods, coupled with my 40 plus years of experience in traditional healthcare; I can offer you a very fast and cost-effective answer to your problems.

Although the treatment usually takes place whilst sitting in a chair, you may find that you feel rather tired afterwards. So it is advisable to plan your appointment to enable you to have time to rest, relax and take it easy afterwards. A good excuse to pamper yourself!

How long does it take to work?

Usually, all people and animals will experience a difference within one session. But as every individual is, well an individual, it can vary.

Most of my clients have successfully been assisted to shed long standing issues related to panic attacks, phobias, grief, abuse and chronic pain issues in only one session.

More complex problems that can have multiple causes, such as long term physical illnesses and depression, may take more than one, or several sessions.

How do I arrange treatment for myself?

UK Clients (Human)

Can contact me, via my contact page, to arrange an appointment, or to ask any questions which have not been addressed in the FAQ’s pages.

Clients are encouraged to provide some information prior to their appointment in the form of a short questionnaire, which I will send out to you via email or post.
This means that your valuable session time is spent focusing on your own treatment rather than history taking, hence, lessening costs to you.

Human clients are ideally best treated privately and away from their home setting, and are encouraged to meet with me in Leicestershire for their session.

If distance is an issue, I can hold sessions over the phone, or do remote work, but please ensure that when you have booked your telephone session you have complete privacy, are free from ALL other distractions and that you are in an environment where you feel at ease to talk freely.

How do I arrange treatment for my friend?

Unless you are a Carer, and have been instructed by your client to make an appointment on their behalf; I’m sorry but I cannot arrange appointments on behalf of friends, however well-meaning.

Neither do I contact people whom their friends, or family, feel “need help”.

It is an important factor in the nature of this type of treatment that the individual person wants, and feels ready, to engage in the process of change in their life, and has actually requested help for themselves.

How do I arrange treatment for my animal?

Clients are kindly reminded that under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, sick animals must be taken to a qualified veterinary surgeon in the first instance, and that you will need to obtain your vet’s permission before I am able to treat your animal. I will ask you to sign a disclaimer to assure me that your vet is happy for me to proceed.

The treatment is non-invasive, involves subtle energies, and does not involve physical manipulation of any kind nor the use of any medications. I am more than happy to provide further information to your vet, should they require it.

Clients are encouraged to provide some information about their animal, prior to their appointment, in the form of a short questionnaire. This means that valuable session time is spent on their treatment, rather than history gathering.

Having a photograph emailed, or posted, to me before the appointment is always very useful, as I can tune in to the animal’s energies, and often can obtain further information prior to treating it.

Most of my animal sessions are done remotely. This is because treating animals in their own environment helps to alleviate the stress caused by travelling to a strange place.

Animal remote work requires a photograph of the animal, at least a week before the appointment time.

An ideal photograph which helps me to connect with your animal, is one where they are the only subject in the image. The photo is devoid of other animals or people, and the animal is not wearing any tack or collars etc. This helps me to connect directly with the animal, and any impressions are not clouded by other energies related to other sources.

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