Maths Anxiety

Having worked in FE Colleges for over 15 years, it has been my experience that anxiety surrounding mathematics is undoubtably THE most common of all academic subject anxieties.


The underlying emotional discomfort can make it extremely difficult for you, not only to learn mathematical techniques, but also to pass your exams. Which may form a crucial part of reaching your future academic, career or business goals.


Some students are so super-sensitised to maths anxiety, that even seeing a sum, or hearing some mathematical terminology, can send them straight into panic mode. In this state, you are completely unable to think clearly, and have a very poor chance of being able to retain, or recall, any information pertaining to maths.


Many students I have worked with have previously suffered with this problem for well over a decade, and in more mature students, many decades.


EFT is a very gentle, fast and permanent way to alleviate maths anxiety.


EFT doesn’t teach you any mathematics, nor will your session involve doing any sums, but it does free you from the fears which are directly blocking you from being able to learn and retain information surrounding the subject.


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