School Memories

Having successfully treated several hundred adults for problems relating to education and learning. I have witnessed time and time again how school memories can still affect us adversely well into adulthood.

Many people felt traumatised by being made to stand up and read a difficult passage of text, or recite their times tables, only to make a mistake and feel humiliated by the reaction of the teacher, the rest of the class, or a family member’s comments. See Emotional trauma.

These highly charged emotional events sometimes stay in our subconscious and give rise to ongoing beliefs of feeling ‘stupid’ or ‘thick’.
This in turn can seriously affect our confidence and ultimately our performance.

This can often give rise to things like ‘exam anxiety’ or ‘maths anxiety’ or difficulty in learning new information, or finding it hard to take in the meaning of large blocks of text.

Because we become stressed in these situations our body assumes that we must be under some kind of a threat, so it will go into a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

This makes our heart beat faster, our lung capacity increases, lots of chemicals and hormones are released, including adrenaline, and our muscles fill with blood. Which is all very good if we need to run away from a burning building, or fight off an assailant, but is absolutely no use whatsoever in a classroom!

Another change that occurs in the body is that your academic brain shuts down. This is for a good reason because if you are running away from a tiger the last thing you want to do is start wondering what shoes you might buy in the sales, or get distracted by thinking about the colour of your next car – you’d be eaten by the tiger!

So your body is actually trying its level best to keep you safe – but this response, in inappropriate surroundings, can actually make you even more anxious, which then perpetuates this vicious cycle over and over again.

I can help you break this cycle.
My treatment is very gentle, fast and hugely effective.
That is why I can guarantee my results!
It can restore your confidence, or even help you to feel confident possibly for the first time ever!
It does not involve you having to be re-traumatised all over again!

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