Scientific Studies




Studies and papers on EFT:


Click here for a large list of scientific studies and papers about the use of EFT.


Click here for a large list of articles on EFT studies on many physical and emotional issues:



Using EFT to self-treat PTSD:


EFT for War Veterans:


Energy psychology used in the treatment of long-term psychological problems:


Measurable changes in blood chemistry post-EFT:


EFT's 100% effectiveness in reducing fear of dental treatment:


EFT study showing an 80.7% improvement on sports performance:


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Studies and papers on Healing


Healing study citing a 100,000 times increase in body voltage, than is considered normal:


Janelle Durham's 2001 article on healing:


Daniel. J. Benor's book of scientific proof of spiritual healing, with endorsements:


Evidence of energy meridians in the body:


Interview with author of the superb book Vibrational Medicine, Dr Richard Gerber:


Measurement of healing energy:


Excerpts from several healing studies:


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Studies and papers on Distant Healing


Studies on intention and healing:


Elizabeth Targ's study on distant healing:


FAQ's from The Distant Healing Project:


Links to scientific studies on The Distant Healing Project site:


Good Samaritans International information on scientific studies:


An article in the Parapsychological Association on distant healing:


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