About Sarah

                                                            Sarah Rushton

Since a small child, I've always been interested in seeking out health treatments, which do the patient no harm.

Initially my interest was with animals and then, some thirty years ago, I went on to train as a psychiatric nurse.

However, I was taken aback by the large numbers of patients who were made severely ill, permanently disfigured, or had even died as a result of Western medicine’s ‘drugs or surgery’. In addition, I was very disheartened by rarely witnessing any real ‘cures’.

I just knew there must be a better way – but what?

Since then, I have spent most of my life researching and practising numerous types of gentler, more efficient, and much safer ways of treating illnesses in both people and animals.                                                             

I practised energy healing for many decades, and decided to take up formal training some ten years ago. Initially studying reiki then moving on to study as a qualified healer with the NFSH Healing Trust, in addition to studying numerous animal healing courses.                                                                               

Having always had an affinity with working with subtle energies, Gary Craig’s incredible Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), energy psychology was an exciting and natural progression. I studied Gary's materials and then went on to train, up to Advanced Level, with an EFT Master.

I usually integrate EFT with healing energy and intuition, which makes a particularly potent combination, and over the years I have assisted several  hundred people and animals in shifting their emotional blocks, which were preventing them from healing or reaching their potential.

Having always loved caring for animals, kept pets (some exotic), grown up on a farm, owned and worked with horses; I’m used to dealing with animals of all shapes and sizes, and have given healing to many types of animals ranging from small spiders to large cows.

I also worked as a matron for many years; I am a qualified teacher and have a degree in education.

Look forward to working with you.                                                                                         

Best wishes

Sarah Rushton
MNFSH, BA (Hon’s) Ed, Cert Ed, MIfL, EFT Advanced Practitioner, Accredited Member of AAMET.

Contact me, to discuss how I can help.


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